Top 10 Safest Countries To Live In The World


Every single person dreams to find the safest place to live in the world, since natural disasters, terrorism, robberies and massacres made our planet a hell place to live. It is hard to find a country that satisfies all the criteria in everyone’s mind while declaring a country as a safest country in the world. Most people like to live in peaceful countries with low crime rate. Crime is widespread almost everywhere. Every day we see it on the news and television. A place with high prevalent of crime makes it unsafe to live. Crime may lead to have anxiety, post-traumatic stress, physical pain, as well as loss of property and even life. Hence, crime becomes the most important aspect to state a country as a safe place to live. In fact, there are countries in the earth that are found to be low in the crime rate. In this article, we framed a list of countries in the world with lowest crime rates based on the statistical analysis of the site statistic brain. Just take a look on this post to have an idea about the top 10 safest countries in the world.

Georgia is situated at the junction of Asia and Europe. Georgia is a country that shows the combination of diversity and uniqueness. The country offers its visitors Black Sea coastline, curative climate, national parks, Caucasus mountain range, mineral waters, delicious cuisine, rich culture, UNESCO Heritage Sites and popular Georgian hospitality. The crime rate in Georgia is very low and it makes it as one of the safest countries in the world. With 19.57 as the crime variable and 80.43 as the safety rate variable, Georgia occupies the eighth place in the list of statistic report of statistic brain. In addition to the safety measures, the attractions in the county from Tbilisi’s old town architecture to the beaches and nightlife make this as best place to live and attracts more tourists. The establishment of professional law reduces the overall crime rates in the cities of Georgia and it also increase the standard of living in the country. Georgia is now enhancing its tourism potential and offering its full range of attraction safely to visitors.

Based on the investigation, 98 % of Georgians who took part in survey commented that they feel very safe in the Georgia territory. Thus, the country goes one among the world leaders in the safety level. In the World Economic Forum honored the country by providing 34th rank in the national physical security.

Once the corruption in Georgia was big annoy for tourist, but now it becomes less visible due to Rose revolution. Now it is reasonable as well as safe to trust the police. Georgian police are patrolling every street in the towns and cities regularly; they can help the people in case of any problem.


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